Katie Renwick

North Central Climate Science Center, Montana State University

Ph.D., Ecology (Colorado State University), B.A., Classics and Environmental Studies (Colby College)

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Research Summary: 

Katie is a postdoctoral researcher at Montana State University. Her current research focuses on forecasting changes in sagebrush cover and abundance in response to climate change. Sagebrush is an important habitat-defining species that occurs throughout the western U.S., but has been declining in some areas due to cheatgrass invasion, altered fire regimes, and conifer encroachment. Because these additional factors will complicate the effects of climate change, Katie is using a mechanistic vegetation simulation model called LPJ-GUESS to study how various factors interact to shape sagebrush vegetation communities. A major goal of this work is to provide relevant information to land mangers who are working to restore and maintain sagebrush ecosystems.