Shrew response to variable woody debris retention: Implications for sustainable forest bioenergy


Fritts, S.R., Moorman, C.E., Grodsky, S.M., Hazel, D.W., Homyack, J.A., Farrell, C.B. & Castleberry, S.B.

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Forest Ecology and Management
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Shrews are integral components of forest food webs and may rely on downed woody debris to provide microhabitats that satisfy high moisture and metabolic requirements. However, woody biomass harvests glean downed woody debris to use as a bioenergy feedstock. Biomass Harvesting Guidelines (BHGs) provide guidance on the amount and distribution of downed woody debris retained after harvest to ensure ecological sustainability of woody biomass harvesting and limit detrimental effects on wildlife. However, the success of Biomass Harvesting Guidelines at reaching sustainability goals, including conservation of wildlife habitat, has not been tested in an operational setting.

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