Long-term evaluation of lesser prairie-chicken nest ecology in response to grassland restoration at two spatial scales

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The Journal of Wildlife Management
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We used a controlled, paired completely randomized design study to assess the influence of grazing and tebuthiuron application and their combined use on lesser prairie-chicken nest site selection and nest survival at 2 spatial scales (i.e., treatment and microhabitat) in 4 treatments; 1) tebuthiuron with grazing (T-G); 2) tebuthiuron without grazing (T-NG); 3) no tebuthiuron with grazing (NT-G); and 4) a control of no tebuthiuron, no grazing (NT-NG) from 2001–2010 in Roosevelt County, New Mexico, USA. Results suggest a tebuthiuron application rate of 0.60 kg/ha, short-duration low-intensity grazing, and a combination of these restoration techniques were not detrimental to lesser prairie-chicken nest site selection and nest survival.

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