Global biogeographic regions in a human-dominated world: The case of human diseases


Just, M.G., Norton, J.F., Traud, A.L., Poteate, A.S., Backus, G.A., Snyder-Beattie, A., Sanders, R.W. & Dunn, R.R.

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Since the work of Alfred Russel Wallace, biologists have sought to divide the world into biogeographic regions that reflect the history of continents and evolution. These divisions not only guide conservation efforts, but are also the fundamental reference point for understanding the distribution of life. However, the biogeography of human-associated species—such as pathogens, crops, or even house guests—has been largely ignored or discounted. As pathogens have the potential for direct consequences on the lives of humans, domestic animals, and wildlife it is prudent to examine their potential biogeographic history.

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