Geneva Gray

State Climate Office of North Carolina, Southeast Climate Science Center

M.S. Student, Atmospheric Sciences (North Carolina State University), B.S., Meteorology; B.S., Environmental Sciences (North Carolina State University)

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Research Summary: 

Geneva is currently a graduate research assistant at the SE CSC whose research focuses on analyzing and creating an ensemble of downscaled General Circulation Models (GCMs) for use in modeling ecosystems within eastern North Carolina. Downscaling is a process that translates information from large scale models to a regional scale. There are many different downscaled data sets available, but not much guidance on which downscaled data sets to use or how many combinations of data sets should be used. An ensemble, a sample of multiple models to characterize possible future climates, of GCMs are used to quantify many forms of uncertainty and gives more confidence in the projected change. Much of Geneva's work will be on creating an ensemble of downscaled GCMs that best represent past observed climates for use in future climate applications.