Gil Ouellette

South Central CSC, Louisiana State University

Ph.D. Geography / Oceanography (anticipated 2017/2018), Louisiana State University, M.S. Western Kentucky University, B.S. Pennsylvania State University

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Gil is a Ph.D. candidate at Louisiana State University in the Department of Geography and Anthropology where he studies ocean and climate conditions of the past. His master’s research reconstructed and analyzed hydroclimate in the eastern Caribbean over the past 1,500 years using the chemistry of calcite speleothems (cave deposits). Gil’s doctoral research focuses on reconstructing sea surface temperatures and other oceanographic and climate conditions in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico region using trace-element chemistry in colonies of the boulder-type, massive starlet coral Siderastrea siderea. He uses these coral geochemical records along with remote sensed and other observational data products to examine contemporary challenges in downscaled climate modelling of the region.