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Photo: Toni Klemm

The Complex World of Drought Management on Ranches  
Oct 30, 2017 • Toni Klemm

For the last two years I have been studying decision making in winter wheat farming in the Southern Great Plains. I want to help forecasters provide seasonal climate forecasts that do a better job of warning farmers of upcoming bad conditions, such as drought, extreme rainfall, or heat.

Now, seasonal... more

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Welcome to the National Climate Science Center Early Career Affiliate's Website  
Oct 3, 2012 • Winslow Hansen

Bootcamp roundtable talk

2012 Bootcamp | Working hard

This project grew out of a week long workshop known as Climate Bootcamp, sponsored by the Pacific North West Climate Science Center. Graduate students, early career scientists, and people working at the science-management interface gathered from around the country to learn about the most recent advancements in climate science, practice ways to communicate climate science with broad audiences,... more