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Now Hiring! Where to Look for Summer Funding  
Jan 22, 2018 • Clay Tucker and Taylor Rowley

Graduate funding often matches the 9-month term that most professors hold, so not every graduate student has access to year-round funding. Perhaps you pick up a job at the local coffee shop, or maybe you move back home for three months, or maybe you have somehow saved enough money to have a white-knuckle... more

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Modeling the 2000-2012 Global Warming Hiatus  
Nov 12, 2013 • Toni Klemm

By NASA (http://spaceflight.nasa.gov), public domain via Wikimedia Commons; Iss007e10807 darker

Global temperature increases have been stalled since 2000. Meanwhile, the extreme summer droughts of 2011 and 2012 left many US farmers in ruins. Most climate models failed to project these phenomena correctly. US researchers now took a new attempt on finding a solution.

The hiatus in global warming since the year 2000 gives climate skeptics and climate deniers tail wind for making the... more

Obama Moves on Adaptation  
Nov 4, 2013 • Carina Wyborn

Presidential seal

Photo credit: gettyimages.com

While the Australian Government is currently denying the links between bushfires and climate change (sigh…), President Obama has just released an executive order titled “Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change”. It outlines policy objectives,... more

When Does Synthesizing Begin? Contributing to Broader Theory During Early Career  
Aug 13, 2013 • Winslow Hansen

Walking in Alaska

After getting my undergraduate degrees from the University of Montana, I moved to Alaska to work as a research technician. I was looking for a big adventure and I found it. I spent a year traveling around the state of Alaska to rural indigenous villages. I worked with a post doc interviewing subsistence hunters, documenting their ways of life, and how changing climate was influencing the... more

Extreme Science Porn But Where Are The Social Scientists?  
Aug 11, 2013 • Carina Wyborn


Photo credit: gettyimages.com

I wrote this post after attending the National Adaptation Forum in Denver, where over 500 academics, advocates and practitioners came together to talk about the state of climate adaptation in the US. One night the screened James Balog’s ‘Chasing Ice’ an inspiring piece of extreme adventure science porn. The film is presents a classic David and Golaiath narrative of a nature photographer with a... more

Climate Wisconsin Project  
Aug 6, 2013 • Zachary Schuster

Climate Wisconsin

One of the big challenges with communicating climate change is the perception that the impacts will be far into the future or will affect someone else. These perceptions make it very easy to resist action to mitigate potential future impacts because there are a lot more pressing issues closer to home.

A recent project from a group of folks in science and communication sought to address... more

Communicating Science! With Your Friends  
Aug 6, 2013 • Zachary Schuster

Graph of Madison, Wisconsin Rain-Off

Howdy folks, I’m Zach, I live in Wisconsin, and I like water. I imagine you’ve heard a lot of stereotypes about Wisconsin – we love cheese, we wear cheese on our heads, and we love beer. Well let me just start by saying that these stereotypes are absolutely … 100% true.

I just got back from the NW CSC Climate Boot Camp 2013 (It was amazing!), and one of topics that we covered was... more

Managing for Change: New Insights on Practitioner Challenges & Needs  
May 6, 2013 • Patricia Tillmann

Dynamic and beautiful coastal temperate rainforests traverse the Pacific coastline from southern Alaska to northwest California. Left: Cape Flattery, WA. Right: Auke Bay, AK. Photo credit: Patricia Tillmann

North America’s resource managers and conservation practitioners protect and preserve lands, waters, and wildlife in the face of land use change, development pressure, and now, climate change. To help ensure resource managers and conservationists will be able to protect and preserve  cherished places and wildlife in an era of climate change, ... more

Amphibians in Hot Water: The Role of Plasticity in Climate Change Adaptation  
Apr 13, 2013 • Lindsey Thurman

Frog life cycle

Pond-breeding frog life cycle

What does it mean to be plastic?

Plasticity refers to the variation in phenotypes under certain environmental conditions. This means that one genotype can translate into multiple phenotypes based on environmental change.  Phenotypic plasticity is widespread in nature, and can significantly alter the relationship between... more

Some Say...It's Just a Hoax!  
Apr 12, 2013 • Toni Klemm


Photo Credit: Getty Images

A chat about ice cores and oil business

A couple of evenings ago I had an interesting discussion with a friend of my roommate. Let’s call him Pete. Pete, the climate sceptic.

Pete and I had never met before, so we started with the usual introduction, and continued with the usual “Oh, where are you from?” after people notice my foreign accent. This is usually... more

Changing Boreal Wildfire and Bark Beetle Outbreak: Implications for Ecosystems and People  
Mar 19, 2013 • Winslow Hansen

Boreal wildfire

Boreal wildfire

The following is a report of my Master’s research. To view a recording of my full defense click ... more