Welcome to the Early Career Climate Forum


Northwest Climate Science Center 2012 BootcampThe Early Career Climate Forum grew out of a week-long workshop known as the Northwest Climate Science Bootcamp, sponsored by the Northwest Climate Science Center. We are group of early career scientists, managers and others working at the science management interface on climate change issues. The intention of our group and this website is to provide a space for those for early career professionals and students engaged in the climate-related science and outreach to interact, discuss topics and find climate-relevant resources. Additionally we strive to be an accessible outlet where all people can come and learn about climate science from people intimately involved with studying the climate and its implications for ecosystems and people.

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The ECCF Mission

The mission of the ECCF is to be:

  1. a science-based, neutral venue for communication, collaboration, and professional development for members and supporters
  2. an accessible outlet, forging bridges between people who study climate and its social-ecological impacts, with others who wish to learn about climate science.

The ECCF Themes

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Early career - Navigating the academic and professional world can be a challenge, particularly in deciding what is the logical next step for your career. Is it in academia, a NGO or the government? How do you prepare for your next interview, write a white paper, or generate an eye-catching poster? Early career serves to help young researchers and professionals gain perspective and advice on career opportunities, challenges, and how to prepare for major steps along the way.

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Communicating on climate - Bridging the climate science communication gap between experts and laypersons can be cumbersome due to the complexity and novelty of the information that is being translated. In order to generate more appropriate management and policy platforms, researchers must first successfully communicate and engage with the help of the public and decision-makers. How can perspectives from the social sciences help bridge this gap? Communicating on climate will serve to generate discussion on challenges faced in communication and provide detailed perspectives and advice on how to effectively communicate with a broad range of stakeholders.

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Science & research - What makes the ECCF such a vibrant community is the spectrum of research individuals are undertaking that recognizes and addresses the critical threats climate change poses to ecosystems and people. This theme will focus on the breadth of science, analysis, and models researchers are utilizing to address climate change and variability across geographically diverse areas. Science & research will help increase the efficacy of climate science research by enabling members to effectively collaborate and share insights to the invaluable work they are conducting on the ground.

The views expressed on this website are those of the writers and commenters. They do not necessarily represent the views of their affiliated organizations or universities, which make no representation on the accuracy of opinions expressed in this blog. Please make note that interaction on this website is subject to ECCF's Editorial Policy.